Saving information

I have my final semester project for my C++ 1 class due next week and I have it almost perfect. There is one more big thing I need to do in it and I am not really sure how. The program is writing a program for an airline company that has two airplanes and a lounge. People must be checked in, board the planes and the planes must automatically take off when it is full. Then auto fill from the lounge onto the planes. I have all this done but right now I have it set up so when the user types in "arrive" it then asks for the plane and then the name of the party and then the party size. How can I read all these in without the enter key being pressed? For example

arrive alfa bob 3

alfa would be saved to string airplane
bob would be saved to string name
3 would be saved to int size
If I understand the question correctly, you want the user to be able to enter all these variables without separating them by "Enter" presses.

A simple statement like cin >> a >> airplane >> name >> size; allows the user to separate the input by "Enter" presses or with spaces.
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