cannot include vectors

Hi everyone,
I am just a mere beginner in c++. I am trying to include vectors for one of my school project. Bu it seems, i dont have the vector.h file in my include folder.
So i am unable to proceed.

pls help me out guys
It's not vector.h, it's just vector.
It's just #include <vector> no ".h"; in fact, If you're writing C++ you shouldn't have any standard header files with ".h" extensions. Those C headers, the ones with the ".h" extensions, have C++ standard versions that have no extension and instead might start with a "c". E.g. in C you have "iostream.h" in C++ it's found in "iostream" (no ".h"); in C you have "stdlib.h" in C++ you have "cstdlib"; in C "math.h", C++ is "cmath"; etc...
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