PlaySound and winmm.lib

Hello everyone! I've read some posts about PlaySound function but I have a question. Where can I get the winmm.lib library? (I can't start my program because the compiler says: "[Linker error] undefined reference to `PlaySoundA@12"). I've searched for it in the Internet but I didn't find it. Can someone provide me with it (I use Dev-C++) or just tell me how to get over my problem? Thanks.
I don't know how you add libraries to Dev-C++, as I use Visual Studio. But I think adding #pragma comment(lib, "winmm.lib") at the top of your code works.

Also, I've read numerous times that Dev-C++ is outdated, so you should concider a new IDE like Visual Studio or Codeblocks. They are both free.
OK, but the problem is that I don't have the library file! I've already tried under CodeBlocks and it hasn't the lib file again! I need the "winmm.lib" file, because I can't find it anywhere around the Internet. Thanks for the help.
You need to have the Windows API installed, and link against winmm.
You need libwinmm.a that can be downloaded from here:
Set your IDE to use this and dev-cpp will be just like any newer ide, not a crap one.
Actually, later I solved my problem. It should be written -lwinmm in the linker. Thank you for the help and advices.
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