using multiple header files

I am trying to practice with header files and object-oriented programming.
but I have a problem that I dont know which specific way I should go.
Actually I can create a header file and a cpp file of for its definition and finally a main cpp file and link them together.

but lets asking in this way:
I have a user-implemented class of vector which I put its class declaration in myvector.h and its definition in myvector.cpp.
After that I used that myvector class and an object of that as a memory storage for a user-implemented class of stack.
Now I have two header files: one for stack and one for myvector and two cpp files which contain the difinition of those headers.

How should I include one in another and using those classes with a main.cpp.
I mean I am not sure about a proper way of including the dependent header files in eachother!

Thank you in advance!
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