Finding directories and/or files.

Hello. I would like to know what functions i can use to locate and search directories with. Please list them in the following format:

function()/command : syntax : Explanation of any cammand-related variables and what they mean/do as well as how to use them.

If you MUST know (nosey people >.<) I'm writing an install program. No opinions, no comments. Just imformation please. I will appreciate your time and effort.


Also, when you include references, please include the above information.

When recommending alternate libraries, please include DETAILED instructions on how to install it. I use CB with minGW. I have never used a third-party lib. So please dont just say i need to "build" a file, im mad enough as it is.

I also use Windows 7.
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how am i supposed to build it? (dont give me another reference, i'm learning all this myself)
I can't remember offhand, most common compilers/build systems are simple enough, and iirc you can install everything using the package manager in most linux distros. On windows if you are using a recent version of Visual Studio then you can just run bootstrap.bat and then bjam.exe (maybe). Unfortunately you will probably have to learn this yourself, on the plus side the boost libraries have so much awesome stuff you will probably end up using more than just the filesystem stuff.
please excuse me for my arrogance, but there is NO REFERENCE FOR ME TO USE. I cant do this because I don't know how. So, if you don't mind explaining how the hell header files can even be "built", I would be greatful.
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From the link you were given you could find A REFERENCE FOR GETTING STARTED USING BOOST with 2 clicks.
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I still dont understand. How am i supposed to build boost.filesystem if all it contains are header files?? And then how am i supposed to use it with code::blocks? How can I use the command line for this? What are the commands?

What's What does it do? What is it for? Will it work with Code::Blocks?

What does "building" somthing mean (in terms of C++ libraries)? What is the result? How do i use a "built" file/filesystem? How do I build something? Where should the build target be? Does building somthing build an entire directory or do i have to specify every file? How can I install it with C::B?

None of these questions have been answered by the page. I use Code::Blocks, so an "easy install" thing for VCPP isn't really helpful. I would appreciate any elaboration on these questions... Thank you for you time.

Again, I'm learning how to do this all by myself... with the internet. So please help me out. I've stayed away from third party libraries before because of this kind of thing. But because of it's filesystem capabilities, boost seems to be an exception.

Instead of just reading the directions, attempt to follow them.

In the case of third party libraries, building is just compiling and assembling the resulting object code into a library for you to link against later, so that it doesn't need to be recompiled.

As noted in what you read but didn't take in: boost.filesystem is not a header-only library.

Most IDEs have options to specify additional include and library directories. Likely you'll have to utilize those to use the library. Same with the command line. Check your switches.

All of this information should be found in your compiler's documentation and that of boost.

"building is just compiling and assembling the resulting object code into a library for you to link against later"

You see, i don't know how to do that. Sure I can build/compile the code, but after that, then what? What am I supposed to do with it? I have never built a library and I'm trying to learn all this myself. "Check your switches." doesn't mean much to me because I have no clue what you're talking about. Switches? For a library? For the code?

"just reading the directions, attempt to follow them."

I can not follow directions I do not understand in the slightest. Trust me, if I try to follow directions that I don't understand, it usually doesn't end well. When I went to the boost website looking for the instructions on "building" the library, i expected a list of files that were to be compiled, and and explanation of where the resulting binary was supposed to go. Unfortunately, all I got was "build". Build this, then build that.... and do what?

So, as you can see, I would appreciate further explanation on the subject.
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so.... anyone have step-by-step instructions or not?
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