Dereferencing Null Pointer

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No need to make a guess - the error message tells us quite clearly: "Access violation reading location". The location is right at the beginning of the Step function which is open source and we can see that it's trying to read a class member variable (m_flags)

The question is how the b2World* got invalidated, which is probably not so obvious but I don't think any discussion of Adam and Eve or the elements will help the original poster much with that.
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iforce2d wrote:
The question is how the b2World* got invalidated, which is probably not so obvious but I don't think any discussion of Adam and Eve or the elements will help the original poster much with that.

You are very right about this. And you cannot win very much of such a discussion, because I see, you already know the way well, how to think. But others seem, they don't know.

I also had thought of m_flags, because the first line I showed is the first line in newer release versions, and the former releases didn't have this first line, but started with if(m_flags.

And my tip was: try out, what I had told! Maybe, the bug would have vanished. If nowbody tries something, we can't know nothing.

It seems, people like to discuss, but fear the risk of a try.

And I thought also about, what I had told, for making some people lightheaded - it was a kind of revenge for the kind of discussions her:

It will not be of much use to tell something, which nobody will know and grasp.

Now I had the idea, I should tell something, what everybody knows, but seemingly not much did grasp - I told already about the second dimension:

The earth isn't a disc, it's a globe!

And now, we could remember, that JosB seemed to be amused, about our discussion. And we could think of a well known sayer:

When two people quarrel, a third rejoices.

We could think this sayer until end. The outcome would be:
JosB is a very bad person: he only typed some error messages and let us quarrel, because he rejoices, when people quarrel.

Beware of people very much, which teach you this kind of thinking. They are experts in doing some kinds of logics and other things, and can blow out your minds very effectful and can blow much shit in your minds, and make you want to learn more about such thinkings, and you would lose a big amount of money, could be 200000 $.

Oh some nice logic thoughts in Marxian ways (I changed the ideas, but not the kind of thinking): Germans know, that the Italian live south from Germany. So Marx can tell, that Italian are black African: Africa is south from Germany, and there live black people. This means: Italian are black African.

Ok, back to our thread of thoughts:

JosB didn't rejoice, he was amused!

Shouldn't we think about a second way of thinking?

When two people quarrel, a third is amused.

Oh, you think I'am a "spoon licker"? And there wouldn't be much difference.

There is a big difference in dialectics.

One is the dialectics of Marx and Engels, which you seemingly like very much.


Two people are sitting opposite sides at a table.
Then we put a globe in the middle of the table and let
play them the game: I see something, what you don't see.

One says: I see land and water and there is more land than water.
The other says: I see the same, but there is more water than land.
The first says: No, there is more land!
The second says: No, there is more water!
And then they give each other names and become hatred against the other and fight a wild quarrel about this topic, which each of them wants to win.

When some third sees this, he is amused, but avoids to tell, what he thinks about them.

The other one is the dialectics of Hegel, which Marx hated very much.

One makes your mind the size of a pea, the other one the size of an universe.

And people with such a genious mind could find already, that the earth was a ball at times around birth of christ. If somebody would have asked them, they would have thought this over and would have known it.

And so it wasn't a big deal for modern science, to get the knowledge about the genesis of the earth.

They only needed to read the chapters "Separation of the elements" and "The earth and sea. The five zones" in the Metamorphoses of Ovid, a great roman poet.

You could ask, how he could know this?
It's easy to tell: he was a poet and so the Muses told him.

The Muses will not say anything to you.
But you could do this the fishermen way: fish ideas like fishermen fish fishes.
Normally people should have learned this during the last 2000 years.

Oh, and I like this old sayer very much, because it's not only about two meanings, but also about two ways of thinking:

When two people quarrel, a third rejoices.

If you think it one way: globes become discs.
If you think the other way: discs become globes
Always think the third side: then globes become an universe

And now you will know, from where I got my knowledge: from this sayer. And how? I thought about, what it could mean!

And this was the last lesson, because now I have given you all, what you need for winning knowledge. Other knowledge like about adam and eve you can win now yourself.

And about the way to heaven:
Jesus said: plant a little grain of mustard seed into the soil.
Or: mix some sourdough into the flour.
And let it grow.

Nothing is needed to be done more.
And I thought, it would be the time, to do this once more.
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Please don't take this the wrong way but I take it that English is not your native language. I'm not sure if you are are using something like Google to translate but most of the time I am left thinking "What the F...". I think that this language barrier is posable the cause of others frustration with your posts.

As for this particular thread, unless the OP wants to post anything else, I would say that it is fairly dead. Not much point in digging it up and giving it a poke.
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There could be also some other kind of a language barrier. The next generation give terms another meaning as the generation before. And this has much advantages, because the young can think of new ways, but the disadvantage is also, understanding between old and young becomes difficult.

And such terms as ass, empty can, fuzzy head could be normal terms of your kind of conversation. But others would interprete this as an insult.

But this doesn't matter much, if we use the dialectic of Hegel, because then we not only can come to a consense, but also to new sights of the world.

And I think, we all have done now a good work about this.

The real world isn't a one dimensional world and also "right" and "wrong" can't be used for one dimensional problems, only for both ends. This doesn't work, if you discuss about 0. And between minus and plus indefinite, much shit can be told.

And what is also important:

I could beware you, to become victims of Scientology - they use exactly this sayer in this way, which I described.

I thought, it would be a good idea, to destroy Scientology - or other mind police organisations. They do like much the kind of thinking, which I thought, you would do.

And now our topic became some real kind of destruction and not only a game.

And now I know also the topic. It was about destroying bodies and free minds.

Thank you for this nice game, JosB

In kind regards

Your dadabe
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With every post you make, I'm more convinced that you're simply trolling.
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You shouldn't believe in your convincings. You should think about them.
I suggest, give it a try!

You like trolling?
You can get some wise knowledge, if you read wise tales.
You can find in the web, the wise tales of "Mullah Nasruddin".

These tales can give you some spiritual guidance.
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Oh, oh, I see, this was reported. What will come now?

Mind police or not mind police, this is the question.
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And reported once again.

Now soon, we can see!

I see that you love to let your mind wander. Just make sure that it comes back in time.

In other words: "Dereferencing Null Pointer" isn't a common universal social problem. Neither Hegel nor Sientology is involved ...
Agreed. Take it to the Lounge.
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I didn't talk about common universal problems. I only talked about how to find a bug.

And how to find a bug means:

How to find the truth

And so I showed the way, how to find bugs - what means also: how to find the truth.

And I don't know, why people wanted to send my mind into such directions.
But such directions don't cause any problems for my mind.

And a little bit wandering is a good idea. Just look at a globe from some sides, and you can see, it's not a disc!

And if somebody can't understand such a thought: I cannot help him.
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thanks to everyone for participating.
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