A while loop problem

I'm new here i just started C++ about two weeks ago, so im still a beginner here. I need help from anyone of u guys to detect any errors. I wrote a "while loop" to determine a total even numbers of a range but it cant work.


using namespace std;

int main()
int range;
int cnt=1,even=0;
cout<<"Please enter the range number:"<<endl;
if(range>=0 && range<=200)
{ if((cnt%2)==0)
return 0;

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cout << even << endl;

before system("pause") and after the while loop
wow careless mistake there , thx man!
Why did you decide that it does not work? You should insert a statement before the call of system to output the value of even that to know the result.
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lol, i didnt notice it, really a careless mistake... sry about that
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