Totally New to Programming

Hello All,

I am totally new to the programming world and looking for some direction. I have a strong background in math, statistics, and finance. I am quite familiar with Excel and STATA. Would any seasoned c++ programmer be able to give me some general infomation about the best way to start? I am looking to build a simple poker game for fun and apply c++ to financial modelling.


Although I'm not "seasoned" I would recommend getting a good book/tutorial and just doing what you enjoy.
Any recommendations? I learn best by diving straight into things.
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1) Get tools. You need a compiler and a text editor. Optionally an IDE.

2) Start coding.
Will Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 suffice for 1)?

For 2) any tips for a newbie?
1) Yes

2) Don't start with MS Visual C++ 2010. You'll have to learn how to operate it as well as learning C++. I advise you to start with something much simpler. I advise you to start with the simplest; a text editor and a compiler, such that you have to call the compiler yourself at the command line.
You'll have to forgive my ignorance. Can you provide links to a text editor and compiler which you think is suitable. Thanks.
I'm guessing you're using windows. When I code on windows, I use notepad++ for text editing, and the MinGW port of the gcc compiler.

Other people will recommend you use MS Visual C++ 2010. It's just my opinion.
Wow, I just started the process of ridding myself of VS and those were the two programs I picked.

I don't know much about MinGW at this point, but I've been using NotePad++ for a while. Notepad++ is very powerful, but it isn't in your face. I hear there is a way to link it directly to a compiler, but not too sure.
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