Virtual Mouse/Keyboard

im starting to make a program to preforms the function of opening things, typeing, clicking ect...

for this i would like to use a virtual mouse and keyboard. My question is how do i acsess this in C++ ?? or does C++ even have this?? is it just the platforms like win32 or QT that have this??

thanks in advance
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O and i omost forgot Im also looking for pixle recongnishion if anyone wants to tell me what i use to get that...
The question you ask is quite multifaceted ,

1: Virtual mouse and keyboard
Very possible, very difficult. Yoh can make a simple set of emulators easilh, but it won't work with everything (games) you can make custom drivers- with some hair pulling and perhaps some inline asm

pixel recog in windows is fairly easy just msdn it.
where do i go to learn how to make a drive can they ven be made in C++?? also any tutorials for msnd would be helpfull thanks
Writing drivers is not something for a beginner to do. You can very easily crash your PC, or if you're too aggressive you may destroy your OS. But if you want to start download this: and read these:
alright... im not new new to c++ so ima look into thx for the link. also the drivers are scripted in c++ right... not anouther language?
Read this beforeusing C++ to write drivers :)
If i make a driver in C++ it will work for all operating systems right???
No, I wouldn't even assume it would work on all Window's OS's. Have you ever tried to download a driver and noticed that XP drivers are different than Win7 or WinVista? Win8 I believe is going to have slightly different drivers now. It really depends on how you design it, but you can't assume it'll work until you try it.
so could i creat the drive in anouther language then use it in a C++ program i create and if so what language would be best for all operateing systems??
No, there is no universal driver language.
mmm that sux...last question...if found no tutorials of creating drivers or examples is there any books out there or tutorials any of you know of "for C++ or C# drivers"
Again, this is not something for a beginner to do. But since you asked here you go:
Thanks :)
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