i am working with dev-c++ and are about to learn to include some graphic features. here is my problem, most of my code is in text mode, all the graphics appears in graph mode (using graphics.h). it means, i have two windows (after compiling) - and i could not find a practical way to combine both. here is now my Q, is there a way to do that or is there a newer library that allows someting in that way?
thx a lot in advance...
It seems to me that Dev-C++ is quite an outdated IDE (last release in 2005). In my opinion you should switch to either Visual C++ (Express Edition1 is free and if you are a student you can get the full Visual Studio for free at DreamSpark2) or Qt Creator3 (also free). Visual C++ has its own compiler, while Qt Creator may target any compiler, including GCC.

With both those IDEs you can use the Qt4 library as your user interface framework. It is very flexible and easy to use if you grasp some key Qt concepts. Qt has great documentation and tutorials so it shouldn't be difficult. And when you do - it will be very simple to create a window that has a widget for graphics and a widget for text. It will be even simpler with Qt Creator as it has very tight integration with Qt library itself (which should not come as a surprise :)).

So this would be my recommendation, unless you absolutely HAVE to stick to Dev-C++, where I am of little help (I'm pretty sure that Dev-C++ can also use Qt library, as it's based on MinGW GCC, but, honestly, I don't see a reason to hold on to Dev-C++).

Hope this helps. Cheers.

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