i'm "totally new". I need to know the compiler and where can I download it.?

This is an IDE, it comes with a compiler. There are many IDEs out there, but this is free and simple to use for beginners.
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i have codeblocks.what i dont understand is why the does the tutorial structure differ. one tutorial will use "using namespace std" and other tutorials dont include the use of namespace.

some tutorials have the "int main () {" in the same line and others have the curly brace in a new line.

i have copied and pasted the hello world tutorial from different sites on the compiler and have received errors when running.

Thanks in advance.
We cant help you anything if you dont say which errors you got. Just accept the difference at different tutorials. You will understand them sooner or later.

But please be more specific on the errors
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It doesn't matter, in which line you put your braces. It only matters, that they are where they belong (after the function name, after a statement etc.).
using namespace std means that you don't have to write std:: in front of everything, that belongs to the std namespace. So for example without using namespace std, you'd have to write std::cout << "Hello, World!";, whereas if you're using namespace std, you can just write cout << "Hello, World!";.

Also, what are the errors?
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Why not use Visual C++.Its also free and from Microsoft.

And about error,that may be because you did something wrong.(or pasted incorrectly or edited some code).
Actually i also think Visual c++ have an easier beginner environment.
thanks guys...what compiler does this site recommend? and where can I download it?
I personally dislike MSVC++ a lot. I feel it's extremely bloated, as is a lot of MS's software, and that it offers too many non standard programs which greatly confuse new programmers.

If you're looking for an easy to use IDE, Code::Blocks is the most recommended on the site by others, and by myself. You'll need a compiler, and if you're using Windows, your main options are the MSVC++ compiler, which isn't horrible, but not as up to date as the next one, and the gcc compiler. For easy downloading, MinGW offers a ready to install download and after selecting a few options, you're good to go. The link provided earlier offered the Code::Blocks IDE with a slightly older version of MinGW, but it will suffice for learning the language.

Code::Blocks, as for any IDE, does take a few attempts to get used to it, but overall, I feel it offers a more pleasant user experience, much more so than the others I have used, which should be something a beginner should prefer. Of course, my opinion is based off of personal uses of the software, and once you paste the error's that you're getting, we can help you more with why it's not working.
I feel it's extremely bloated...
It is "bloated" because it includes a wide array of tools that are extremely useful when you get used to them. Not to detract from Code::Blocks which is less complicated and probably a better choice for someone new to programming.
I agree with that strongly Volatile. But when i was new to c++ i started with code blocks. (I always try to do as much as i can without help), and i couldnt understand how to start a project in code::blocks. But then i tried VC++ and it was super simple and i loved the environment.

Now of course Code::Blocks is my main choice pretty much of because what you just said
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