map<key, T>, less_key

Hi All,

Does anyone know that is there a way that I can change the map order from less to kind of "more"?

For example:
There is a map<string, int> called test
test["b"] = 1;
test["a"] = 3;
test["c"] = 2;

Inside the map, the order will be
(a, 3)
(b, 1)
(c, 2).

I want it to be
(c, 2)
(b, 1)
(a, 3).

How can I do that in a easy way? Please anyone who knows that tell me how.

A_ traverse it backwards (reverse iterators)
1_ use the third template argument, by instance std::greater
\alpha_ don't care
The order of a map is something like this (right?):

In your example, "b" is the root node, "a" is on the left of the "b" node, and "c" is on the right of the "b" node.

The forward iterator simply gives the impression of a linear container, so just use the reverse iterator and you'll be all set.
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@ne555 Thank you for your answer, the second method. That's what I exactly need :)

Thank you @LowestOne as well.
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