Preprocessor File?

I know this is a ridiculous question but I'm new to C programming (actually just started learning it about two weeks ago so I don't know very much!)

Issue: My professor is using a PC, I use a mac.
They are running Visual C++ express and I'm running Xcode.

The course guide states anyone using a compiler other than Visual C++ express must include the correct set of preprocessor files so that the program will compile and execute in Visual Studio C++ 2008 or greater.

What exactly are the preprocessor files, is it the .cpp file?
Will a .cpp file run in any C compiler?

What must I do to ensure my professor can open and execute my C++program that I built in Xcode and that he will be opening in Visual C++ express?
if you compile a program on a mac, you can't open it on linux or windows, and vice-versa, without some serious emulation, that or you cross-compile which I don't know much about, but sounds tricky.

the only thing you can do is make sure your code will compile in visual c++, which I can't help with because I've never used it.

I don't know what they would mean by preprocessor files though, nor what macros they want you to make, why don't you ask your teacher?

Thanks for the response Zephilinox!
I thought that was the case about not being able to open it in windows so this is why I don;t understand what he means. I tried contacting him but no response and the lab is do tonight so I'm trying to figure it out myself hoping someone else knows how this would be possible.

So if I just send him a .cpp file he wouldn't be able to open it because he's on a PC and I'm a Mac. You would think that as long as it's in .cpp format that anyone with a c compiler could open it?
yeah, he can open any .cpp file, or .h, those are just text files with a pretty little .ending on them to distinguish it, it's what you compile.

but if you compile your program (say,, or whatever it is on the mac) he can't run on windows, just like you can't run calculator.exe on mac
I am not very learnt as it comes to programming, but I am getting a strong vibe that you need to do something like #include "stdafx.h"

Problem 2 on this page gave me the hint:

I know that probably wont helps a ton, but definitely check your course guide again for any header files or something obvious.
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