utilizing cin.get()

hi Everybody, Im totally new in working with c++, and i got stuck I think in some stupidity I cant find out what it is. I dont know what is going on wrong with the next code.
it is supposed to tell if a given integer is even, but it doesnt!!!
#include <cmath>
#include <conio.h>
#include <iomanip>
#include <string>
int main()
int grade;

cout << "Enter the letter grades." << endl
<< "Enter the EOF character to end input." << endl;

while((grade = cin.get())!= EOF)
if (grade==0)
cout <<"Por Favor inserte un numero que no sea zero";
cout << "Number is even";
cout << "Number is not even";

cin.get() will not skip white space characters like new line characters. You should probably use operator>> to read grade from cin instead.
why are you using the EOF,, i believe EOF only used when you working with infile

when you getting your numbers from a txt..

you would use this

while (!infile.eof()

other wise if you using the cin window where you enter the values

"<< "Enter the EOF character to end input." << endl;"

you need to set a flag for the cin to end

i would use something like this

while (number <0)

so if you enter a -1 it would end the loop..

you would use this while(!infile.eof())
No, you shouldn't.
Loop on the reading operation, or you would end with an extra reading depending if you file ends with a line break
So use while(input>>value)

The standard input and files are streams, you could mark eof too (in linux with <C-d>)

if(fmod(static_cast<double>(grade),2)==0) you may use operator % instead
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