Visual Studio 2012 lacking c++

For those who downloaded visual studio 2012, is c++ available as a project option or not?
Yes, why wouldn't it be?
I dont have it on mine. I down loaded the "RC" professionally version for students. I thought it would come with everything but it doesn't. There are only options to create c# projects not c++.
bump so nobody else is having this issue??
Did you get it from here ? I've not seen a student version, perhaps you installed an express edition?
I have the same program, I got it from DreamSpark, the student site, and mine doesn't support just plain c++ either.

No idea how to get it, if anyone knows, I'd love to know (I am sick and tired of Code::Blocks needing daily builds).
Did you use the web installer? This suggests a problem with the web installer.
i guess it fully f-ed then, so gcc6.7 is our route for c++11
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