How to run a DEV C++ code on another PC


As in the subject of this topic, how to make a program run on other PC's without having to install DEV C++?

What files/libraries should I copy?

Please give me as much details as possible.

Thank you

PS: apologies if this topic was already discussed. If so please redirect me there.

Do you mean hacking???Or just visiting your friends house without A compiler?Be More Clear Please (:
Once you compile a program using standard libraries, the program should run on all versions of the OS it was compiled under (if you have Windows, it should run on all versions of Windows, etc.). I'm not 100% sure as to what DLLs you might need to run the program, but it really depends on what you put into your code. Some features of C++ may require a DLL depending on how your compiler implemented it.

As far as I know, DEV-C++ doesn't require any DLLs for basic applications and as long as you stuck with C++ standards, you should be able to run it on any other computer as long as they have the same OS.
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Why not compile the code to a stand-alone .exe and then let it run. That is assuming the same OS. Dev C++ is only for code creation and editing, it is not required once you have compiled and built the program.
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