Need Direct2D Help

I am new to C++ programming. Im also new in graphic designing, etc.

I have tried to incorporate Direct 2D graphics into my program, but it goes a bit out of hand. All i wanted to do was draw a coloured circle, filled and not filled, and some lines. I am familiar with the simple syntax of BGI graphics( which comes with Turbo C++).

Can somebody recommend me to a good website for Direct 2D beginners?

Otherwise, can someone suggest a better Graphic display method which can be used using Windows Visual C++?

I have tried following ; but ended up messing my programme instead.

Any help will be appreciated.

I would suggest you use Direct3D instead, just limit what you draw to 2D. Drunken Hyena has a good D3D tutorial. Just remember to stop before the 3D lessons begin.

(You need his library to work the lessons--he lets you download it free.)
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