RegEx simple query problem

"title": "Computer Science",

RegExMatch(isbnDescriptionPage, "im)\Q""title"": ""\E(.*)\Q""\E", match)

I want to extract the words computer science, but the later end seems not works.
this is information in google books api.

It has the good opening point ( from the words computer ) but after the word science it seems not want to stop.

can anybody help ?
double backslash "\\" ?
"kind": "books#volumes",
"totalItems": 1,
"items": [
"kind": "books#volume",
"id": "LbtoewAACAAJ",
"etag": "vvpzNQJyV7Q",
"selfLink": "",
"volumeInfo": {
"title": "Computer Science",
"subtitle": "An Overview",
"authors": [
"J. Glenn Brookshear",
"David T. Smith",
"Dennis Brylow"

this is shown when I request info from API
I want to get data in particular tag :

like when I want to find wat in the title tag it returns "Computer Science" (without quotes)

You can write another regex for me... i'm too new at this and see it complicated.
U shouldn't have to write ur own regex. Just use a library that's already out there. TR1 or boost are good places to start from what I've heard...
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I have this excercice :

Write a PHP program that checks the elements of a string array
named $Passwords. Use regular expressions to test whether each ele-
ment is a strong password.
For this exercise, a strong password must have at least one number,
one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, no spaces, and at least one
character that is not a letter or number. (Hint: Use the [^0-9A-Za-z]
character class.) h e string should also be between 8 and 16 charac-
ters long.

I've done so far :


for upper and lower case digit and non-digit nor character...

how can I do about the minimum and maximum length, and also how can I make the search order doesn't matter...

can this excercice be done just by using one line of regex ? or I have to include separate searches ?
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