Any other awesome,clear,and comprehensive books for learning C++ PLEASE???!!!

Hi! I've been teaching myself c++ using some books and tutorial articles. I'm in a university but they don't teach c++ instead they teach w/c I hate, so to satisfy my liking for c++, I decided to befriend the internet. I'm still in Console apps because I'm currently focusing more in logic before moving on to GUI apps. I have also written several simple logic/math/money based applications through the exercises in my book. The thing is, I have that book w/c seems outdated because of the #include<iostream.h> header used in its example programs. So then I looked up in google for some updated c++ books. Luckily I've gotten this book called "Sams Teach yourself C++ in one day" and their Java and JavaScript books for free! Do you think it's a good book for learning c++ or can you recommend a better one. Please specify the title, author, and price if it's okay. Also, tell me if u know some good books in DirectX and OpenGL and Qt(or other toolkit). Tnx
DirectX: DrunkenHyena has great free tutorials.
OpenGL: the site has good ones, and all of that is free.
C++: this site has a good and free .pdf, but just look around and you'll find scads of people who will be more than willing to help.

Free suggestion: Once you learn anything, teach it to someone on here who doesn't know it yet, you will learn faster. Also, remember never to use system(), and watch these forums for topics that interest you.

Best of luck!
Yeah this sites tut is the best. is a choice(comprehendable) but not complete
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