Book Suggestion to Learn Visual C++


I'm beginner and I want to self study Visual C++ (MFC) using Visual Studio 2010.
can you suggest me any Book that can have all the programming codes and stuff.

If you want to learn MFC, the best book I ever found for it is Jeff Prosise's "Programming Windows 95 with MFC".
It says Windows95. That may be too old dated since I'm using Windows7 and Visual Studio 2010.
Thanks for response.
MFC is still MFC. The best beginner's book on it I ever found is still Jeff Prosise's "Programming Windows 95 with MFC". It contains nothing about Windows 95.
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One last question,then I'll goto Amazon to order it.

This book will teach me:
VS 2010(MFC)
using buttons etc
Creating Softwares

What do you think it means to "teach you VS 2010(MFC)"? VS2010 is a tool for using a compiler, that comes packaged with some helpful libraries. MFC is one of those helpful libraries. That said, it goes for 48 cents plus postage on Amazon as I type, so it's hardly a risk.
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Why would you want to learn MFC? Isn't that kinda outdated?
It's younger than C :) Use a good tool for the job; age doesn't matter. If there are good technical (and business) reasons not to use it for a given job, that's a different story.
I don't mean old, I mean outdated.
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