I am designing an app on x-code. The idea is that it will offer a daily piece of advice on an i phone and I have designed 365 pieces of text for the year.

Trouble is that I cannot yet find a way to make the pages scroll over for each day - does anyone have any ideas on where to begin with this?

Does objective-C have a GetDate() type function, where whenever the app is opened it will go find the date and return the text for that date? If it does, I would suggest using it.
Thank you - I will try that
I have tried that now. It requires me to put an actual date in e.g. 31 Aug 2012 rather than a timescale. This means that I would have put dates in for years ahead. Is there a way to set each app to load 24 hours on from the previous one.
I have no idea about that...sorry. I am objective-C illiterate.
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