Hi im new to the forums and I was wondering how do i download C++11? or.. is it which compiler uses C++11? im not to sure :X but hopefully i think the jist of my problem is i would like to use C++11 wether it is a compiler or an actual download :) thanks!
C++11 is only a specification.
Recent versions of g++ and clang already support all the important parts of C++11.
could you link me? im honestly not exactly sure what your talking about sorry :(
thank you very much!
Acctually how do i use clang...? i have codeblocks atm but im honestly not sure what to do with clang O_O its all a bunch of downloads and idk which one to use
If you're on a Linux distribution, then you need to install the package clang and add it as a compiler in Code::Blocks (Settings/Compiler, copy the GCC compiler and replace gcc with clang and g++ with clang++ in the toolchain executables).
I don't think clang officially supports Windows yet.
o ok so currently there is nothing for a windows computer to allow the use of C++11? if i read correctly? or just not clang?
There is. g++ is part of MinGW. Visual Studio also supports a few C++11 features.
so out of everything available which would be the best one? im thinking about

but im really not sure atm... sorry if im asking some really noob questions :( dont mean to be a bother
That's an IDE, not a compiler.
Download the latest MinGW release here: http://nuwen.net/mingw.html
And add the new compiler to Code::Blocks.
o ok thanks is it best that i just download windows instead of using code blocks as it seems to be what everyones uses
or what is the best ide to be best used with the minGW compiler?
Hi there,

Let's get a few things straight here:

- Compiler = A program that converts your source code into an executable file (.exe)

- C++11 specification = The latest "version" of C++, with additional features compared to the previous one.

- IDE = Integrated Development Environment, basically a program in which you write your code with additional features such as debugging, compiling, language references, etc.

There's no such thing as "downloading C++".
You will need a program to write your code (it can be as simple as notepad, but code::blocks is very popular).
In order to convert that C++ code into a file that you can execute (program), you will need a compiler.
On code::blocks for windows Mingw is a good choice, it supports a lot of the latest C++ features as someone mentioned earlier.

Hope that helps to clear things up for you.

All the best,
yes :) thank you very much! just need to figure out how to use MinGw in codeblocks... XD
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MinGW comes with Code::Blocks (if you downloaded the Code::Blocks+MinGW bundle), so you don't need to do anything.
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