System cannot find the file specified

hi all,
Im using Microsoft visual C++ 2010 express

Whenever I try to run the project its says,

"Unable to start program 'C:\.......\debug\chapter_5.exe'.
The system cannot find the file specified"

How to rectify it?Please help me.

The way I create the project:

New project>>empty project>>then create a cpp file from 'source files' folder.

Please help me to solve this
thank you
Go into Windows Task Manager and kill chapter_5.exe process.
Hi moonraker,

There was no such exe file in taskmanager.
there was file called msbuild.exe. I killed that file but same error again.
Anyother option?
Hi moonraker,

I found the soultion. There was an error in my code. Once I corrected it, working perfectly.

Error was
i declared function as " double volume(double r);" before the main
but when defining it,I declared it as "double Volume(double r)".

My fault, sorry and thanks for the reply.
Great. Glad you fixed it. Usually when I get that error it's because something hosed the .exe (usually my Avast) so I have to kill it to fix.
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