Help please....ipo chart


I am new member in the forum... i would like to get some help is the problem

A contractor needs a program that calculates and displays the volume of a rectangular box. Complete an IPO chart for this problem. Use pseudocode/algorithm in the Processing column.

could you help me to figure out how to solve this as i am beginner in programing

thank you
What have you done so far ? Where is your code ?

Processing (in code):
get Length of box
get Width of box
get Height of box
Length times Width times Height


Thats what i have come up with but i wanna make sure its correct
Yes, it is right.

thank you sir.... i appreciate if there is anything to add it on it.. let me know plz
There is nothing I can add. Just use 3 variables and ask the user to input, then calculate the volume of the box.
Do you only have to do this in pseudocode, or in c++?

Use pseudocode/algorithm just
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