Reset the consol

When I run this program on my consol the program will reset the consol window for each run. How do they do this? I want to be able to do this with a program I'm currently working on.*&title=char*&author=char*&publisher=char*&number_of_pages=int&year=int
What does "reset the consol window" mean? Do you mean all the words on it vanish?
Yes. And the loop starts over and shows the menu again on a blanc consol.
The program uses system("cls"), that's why.
Thanx alot!

That's a lot of mind-boggling information. I'm still a beginner, but what I understand is that system() is evil? And as a beginner I would probably do best in not using it?
Yes, you should avoid it when you can.
Is there no other way to make the consol blanc again?
Lots of ways, in that article I linked to.
Use any method in that article again...
Thank you both alot! =)
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You can use this to clear it:
That looks horrible, no offence though..
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what's wrong with it?
You can use a loop to achieve the same thing, it's still not a great method though.
I did use system("cls") and it did work. Having some problem with it tho, but I'll figure it out...

Thanks for all the help! This question is solved.
"what's wrong with it?"

It takes up more room, you can just make a for loop with only one "\n", takes less time personally.
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