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Hey C++ programmers i am currently using dev c++ and when i make an simple project like hello world or calculator project and compile and try run it it give an error
like: [build error] [cyber.exe] error 1

What is all that about i look every where but cant find the solution why it is causeing it i use windowns 7
Dev c++ version
please i do not understand what is the problem or mistake which causes the issue if so also tell what other good IDE should i get people claim that the Microsoft visual c++ is very good and also code blocks.
First of all, why are you using Dev C++? It's buggy and its compiler is outdated. It lacks many features of newer IDEs.
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I prefer C::B over MSVCE. I would suggest either over using Dev-C++ since it's severely outdated. The first thought that comes to mind is that you don't have a compiler installed. This is an issue, but nothing major.

If you decide to switch to a more recent IDE, both of them have the option of being packaged with a compiler. MSVCE is default with the MSVC++ compiler and C::B either comes as a standalone or with the MinGW compiler from their download page. C::B is more user customizable than MSVCE, but you must do everything by hand, whereas Microsoft takes care of the updates, etc, for you.

If you're dedicated to using Dev-C++, which I would have no clue why, paste your code here and walk us through, step-by-step, as to what you're doing to receive the error you're getting.
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cheers for the quick reply so please suggest an good compiler i used it for my basic scripting but this is the first time i came across such an downward issue for an compiler to have in it
Take a look at this article, it covers the most popular compilers and IDEs: .
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okay right away this code does not even require such commenting any basic or even 1 old programmer could under stand any way ther you go :
using namespace std;
int main()
    cout<<"Hello world";

by the way i am doing it in an project most of the time i do an file not an project . The ironic thing is that it works and compiles very good but when it comes to an project it becomes an zero from an hero
I don't know the Dev-C++ IDE very well, but I do know that while using a project, you need to have a source file (typically named main.cpp) that should contain your main function (your code above). You should simply need to compile it from there. I remember when I used it quite sometime ago, I had issues with creating projects as well (didn't understand them at the time) but if it's similar to how current IDE's create projects, there should be a few options: Empty Project, Console Application, etc. Selecting Console Application will typically create the project correctly and designed for running immediately. You simply compile it then run it. Using an empty project, you need to add the file(s) manually to ensure they're part of the compile chain.

If you use Dev-C++ for something other than C/C++ programming (I'm not sure what that could be), than more than likely C::B will suffice in those areas as well. If you feel that Dev-C++ is the best IDE out there, atleast upgrade from bloodshed to Orwell's Dev-C++.
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Hey thanks Every one who told me what an good compiler is so i decided to buy Microsoft visual studio c++ 2010 any way as i was scearching through the internet about Dev c++ i found out that it is not up to data and is really bad for using anyway thanks it is now solved thanks
You don't need to buy MSVC++, they have a few version called Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express. It contains everything you'll need for the next several years in regards to basic C++ programming. The full version only offers a few more things, and typically they're only used in special cases.

Code::Blocks is 100% free, does everything (that I know of) that MSVC does, has a ton of customization, and is more efficient than MSVC in regards to creating quality code.

Both are good IDEs, but I have grown away from the Visual Studio suite since I used Visual Basic in college.
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Yes but please do not get distressed or any thing this is my personal opinion that As the most number of people say MSVC is the one of the best compilers out also as Microsoft is an quite an big corporation so i think that they may know make MSVC should well updated and well mantained.
Also i am looking at network programming i know as you may say i am not good but as you saw my Post Simple OS is only coded in basic c++ it may look like i am not good but i am alright in c++ so anyway thanks.
I just wrote some 5k+ character reply about MSVC, but I'll summarize it since the maintenance made it magically disappear.

Simply, MSVC has known issues and Microsoft hasn't been fixing them. Instead, they work on a new program to make them more money.

Code::Blocks doesn't cost money so there is no worry about a lost investment.

MSVC is known to get corrupted project files, compiler is known to randomly fail without reason, and Intellsense isn't very intelligent. MSVC also pushes for the user to use non standard C++ in their programs, and don't inform you that it's not standard.

MSVC is however the most widely used IDE (mainly because corporations require it and people rave about the quality of it without understanding what a quality IDE is). That isn't to say that C::B is the best, nor that MSVC is bad. In my experience, both IDEs offer great potential, but C::B is free, it's constantly being well maintained, and there is a huge user community with very smart members. The writers of the program even reply. It's open source so you can create everything yourself, or even create your own version of C::B. MSVC has a community (most of the Microsoft employees don't reply), isn't open source so you're stuck dealing with issues until they decide to fix it (if they ever do). The also don't offer the amount of "goodies" that C::B has

Ultimately, it's your call, but I'd look around at different IDE's before you just straight out buy them. I feel at least 80% of the people who say MSVC is the best IDE haven't even tried several other great IDE's.

Also, I did see your OS program, and I don't doubt that you have some knowledge on the subject, but the issue I see is that you have a very long way to go before you start worrying about the more advanced stuff. Sockets are far from easy and from what I've been reading is that WinSockets are very old and just a wrapper on top of a wrapper. Windows API is also C code, I can't even remember if it made use of a C++ wrapper.

Good luck in your endeavors, however. Hopefully you're happy with whatever decision you make.
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