how long does it take to be decent at C++

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I know this question is posted ALOT, but i am 14 years old and right now i have alot of free time so i would like to learn programing so taht i can make programs, right now i want to focus on making programs that hack games like change Kingdom hearts stats or final fantasy or any game... just please dont say "it depends". i can learn fast... if there is any hmm lets say "alternatives" (like java or python) to start with i would learn that language then go to c++, please to rage close this question.. i asked this at stack overflow and they CLOSED AND REMOVED my question and I will never revisit that site... please any replies would be useful.. thx from a teenager
it's so subjective, there is just no way of knowing, some people are better than others, and 'decent' is both relative and based on opinion.

if you want to hack single player games, take a look at a memory editing program (you can find it with search quite easily) and download it, look for tutorials, etc.

I wouldn't start learning C++ if your only goal is to hack a game, for example I started learning it because I wanted to make games and C++ is the current industry standard language used for the majority of major game titles out there, but I know it will take years, and I know I'm not too good at it, which is why I try to learn something new every day, program something new every day, related to games or otherwise because programming isn't about doing a single thing, it's about using your knowledge and your creativity to solve problems, and through solving those problems, applying the knowledge you gained towards your end goal.

that's my novice view on things, anyway.
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then please tell me what language should i learn first ?
In my opinion it is required no less than three years. At least the C++ Standard has about 30 chapters and if to study one chapter in a month (some chapters require much more time for studing) you will spend three years.:)
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@vlad from moscow
all i want is to hack ps2/ps3 single player games like edit stats or change subtitles to another language..
btw what does "subjective" mean?
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This is not as easy as you think it is.
i know that, my question is clear
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There is a big difference between "I know the language" and "I program on the language". You can start programming on C++ at once.
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As an estimate, I would say 2 years. So, if you are going to learn programming for the sole reason of hacking games, it is not worth it. But, I would say go for it, the way you think will change and become more mature by time, especially that you are learning a topic that requires critical thinking.
well, should i start with C++ right away? or learn an easier language first? if i should learn C++ first, would u recommend me some books?
well, should i start with C++ right away? or learn an easier language first? if i should learn C++ first, would u recommend me some books?

Many people would say, you should start with an easier language first, such as python. I, myself, started C++. The choice is yours.
Here is a list of good books on C++: .

I would say start with the documentation on this site.
Of course there are easier languages, but you should base your decision on which language you want to learn, not on how easy they are. There aren't any programming languages that are particularly hard (esoteric programming languages like Brainfuck aside), so it doesn't matter that much.
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if you want to get your feet wet, try something easy like Lua or Python for a few days.

after that, I'd learn C++ first, once you know C++ you can program in any higher-level language, as long as you know its syntax.
well i primiraly want to make Programs...
well i primiraly want to make Programs...

What can you do with a programming language besides programs ?
Okay, final post (or at least it should be):

Please take no offense, but if you want to hack ps2/ps3 games, and that is your primary reason for learning programming, it will take longer to learn than you are willing to put in.
well uuuuh..... i dont know... i thought its called programming because u make programs with it, right? it makes sense to me

well no it is not my primary reason. and i am ready for learning programming even if it takes too long...
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There's no pre-defined time in which one can learn something. The amount of time it takes for someone to learn something depends on so many factors, it's near impossible to give an estimation. Any estimations are pure guesses.

Vincent555 wrote:
"all i want is to hack ps2/ps3"

Black hat, white hat, or even grey hat; it doesn't matter. Knowing C++ alone won't help you here. You need to understand the architecture of the system your targeting before you can do anything. For example, you may know how petroleum works, but you have no idea how to make it. Get the idea?

If you want to hack a console, I'm guessing you'd need to know some kind of assembly, plus C or similar.

If you want to make a game for fun, I'd recommend Python and PyGame or Lua and Love (Love is actually a wrapper for SDL, which is a C-Library) it won't be the fastest, but you can make it quick and easy.

Basically what I'm trying to say is you need to pick and use a language that suits your needs.
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