arrow-key getting.

I know that the syntax in my title is terrible, but I was looking here ( and I saw hex values and all that for arrow keys.

Will these work without calling WinMain and running WndProc? I want the arrow keys to move around in the console app and I can't figure out any way except by PostMessage().

I know that this is probably easier than I am making it, but I don't know how else to (except to tell them to turn NumLock on and use the 2,4,6,8 keys with _getch(), which is sub-par).
I think windows.h defines constants for all of the virtual key codes... But I don't know how to find out and use them.

Try include Winuser.h and use GetAsyncKeyState function...?

Please double-check all my suggestions before trying them. I'm not sure how to use any of this, or if it is correct.

Just trying to help... =)
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Look here for a small program I showed someone on using the arrow keys to move a character on screen. It will probably be of help to you.
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