What should I do next after "Hello World"?

I have recently mastered the art of "Hello World", but what do I do next!?
You can take a look at loops next.
1. Write an app to write out the times tables from 2 to 12.
2. Write an app to implements Liebnitz's method for calculating PI.

Then you need something an introduction to data types.
Thanks! I'm only 10, so Im not that expirienced. I'm reading a 20 chapter introduction to C++ book. I'm learning about data types. :)
Data types are everything in C++. It's all about making up suitable user defined data types for the job at hand and using them to solve the problem. However, you need to understand the built in types first and basic program techniques; using variables, functions, loops and input/output.
That is great, just try to solve so mathematical problems like adding of two numbers and substracting and mutiplication and so on

using namespace std;

int main()
cout<<"Enter first number";
cout<<"Enter second number";


cout<<"\n The Sum is = "<<sum<<"\n";

cout<<"\n The multiplication is = "<<mul<<"\n";

cout<<"\n The division is = "<<div<<"\n";

getchar()//use to hold the console environment so that u can read the program out.
return 0;
I have recently mastered the art of "Hello World", but what do I do next!?

Are you sure that you have mastered the art of "Hello World"?:)
Now try to output this character string in reverse order.
I would recommend declaring variables and using them.
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