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Hello to all fellow programmers, I did not happen to see a "welcome thread that other forums have so I decided to create a post, I am a beginning program (NEWBIE!!)..I'm currently a self learner and plan to take some courses at my local community college but I've been searching here and there to find which is the best /easiest programming language to learn? I've been reading books and following the book examples with Visual Basic and C# coding, but I see more programs are written in C++,C, JAVA, PHP, PYTHON, etc. So many languages!!! Thanks a lot for any responses.
Well, People I know say that C++ is annoying, and it is, if you don't understand the errors. But if you know the language it can be quite good. Like all languages, it is hard and aggravating to learn them if you were not taught them as a child (Not many parents teach their children C++ when they are toddlers :p). If the purpose of programming is for internet apps then you should think of some other languages like actions script, java, etc. But if you are looking to program apps for the computer C++ might be for you. If you read about C++ and get some experience doing it hands on, you should be able to learn it (C++ is not as complicated as binary, there are a lot less 1s and 0s and more actual words). I'd say figure out what you want to use programming for, then pick your language (unless you already picked C++, then welcome to the club? Or community? Or, wait, what am I saying?), then live happily ever after.
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Visual basic would be the easiest, hands on language to learn. But once you learn c++, a lot of other object oriented languages are extremely easy to pick up on. Plus c++ is an amazing language, so i would of course recommend learning it.
Thanks for the replies you guys :) !, I really want to create different applications, I don't have a specific app in mind that I want to create yet but plan to help/build applications that would help end-users access some kind of operation easier like any other program. I'm not looking to get a job with a corp or anything mainly looking to create and distribute myself. I'm leaning towards learning C++ and grabbing the concept of C# a little. I'm guessing that I really need some basic books and understanding of some of the functions and calls. I would like to know if any one has any CODE that is commented so I would be able to understand the functions and send back to the creator for evaluation of the input that is inserted. I like to do a lot of learning on my own and I've been dedicating a lot of time towards learning. So thank you guys again
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