Logic programming to Android Apps


I have just finished a very useful book on C++ coding. I feel I have the basics locked down in terms of logical programming. The step I want to take now is actually having a GUI, and learning how to set one up.

I have had a little look around where I mainly fiddled about with SFML, briefly glanced at OpenGL and read about Android Native Development Toolkit.

I am wondering what I should start learning.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading

Do you want to program for phones, pc's, iOS? Depending on what you want to do you should learn:
Android: Java, Android API
iOS: Objective-C, the corresponding API
PC: SFML, SDL, OpenGL, Qt, or DirectX
It should be mentioned though that there are cross platform frameworks that work across a range of platforms.

Both QT and Juce support PC and android at the moment.
Juce already supports iOS, QT is planning to.

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Thanks for the replies.

The short term goal is to write a program for Android, however I doubt this will be a commercial venture.

I would like to learn something fairly mainstream that will be useful in the long term as well.

Do you guys have any direct experience with the software you have mentioned? Any recommendations?

Hi there,

QT is widely recommended as one of the best available cross-platform options (although not everyone likes the signal / slot system they use, or their qmake pre-compiler).
I'm still undecided on which framework I will use in the future myself, but QT does seems to be the industry standard as far as cross platform GUI development goes.

Here is a quick intro in using QT for android: http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/02/28/necessitas/

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