Where to begin?

Where do I begin with C++? I have Code:Blocks and Code lite. I like the way code lite looks because it is a lot like Melabs PBP3.

What would be the best website for C++ tutorials and where can I get a command reference for explaining what the programs I write are doing?

I think the best way to start would be to study the components of a simple program like hello world in a Dialogue box. I did that with Code blocks but I don't think it is down in the nity gritty of c++. I would like to know what everything does.

There's actually a really good, albeit well hidden tutorial on this site:
This site's tut is the best--AFAIK
C++ has no "make dialogue box" function. You would need another library, which one depends on OS/preference, to do that. Straight C++ would be a console program.

Anyway, this site is good for the generalities of the C++ functions. The problem with getting into specifics is that the exact code of what happens when you do something like this: std::cout << "Hello World\n"; is probably different between compilers.

At that point you want to use a debugger and set breakpoints at standard c++ function calls. This way you can follow the debugger and actually see the code behind what methods you are using.
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Thanks for all of your advice.
Start making mathematical console programs up the arse. I have been souly focusing on non graphics programming because it's much easier to start with. For example I'm making a program right now that finds the integral/derivative of polynomials.
After getting a good grasp of that... you could create small console simulators such as Conway's Game of Life or single player Tic Tac Toe with AI. After fooling around with a few things like that, look up some API (graphics or not) and start fiddling just to get the hang of API use. After that just keep making random programs and expect many to turn out as failures, but don't be discouraged when your projects flop -- that is the best way to learn. Good luck :)
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