I have made a half snake game.
The only thing that i have not put is that when the snake eat to grow up.
So you know how to do this?(console game).

If yes tell me here to give you my source and fix it.or tell me
Could you post your code? I'll help you fix it.
you are Loved2d for hack forum?
If yes i have print it there.
I don't see it there. Could you send me it in a message?
my skype is: hepic.hepic
come there to give me your network book,to show you my source,and talk etc...
closed account (ozUkoG1T)
Hey i am EMPIRERAIDER from Hackforums i do not go on it much but hi Hepic now know batch dont you well i could be wrong ofcourse but i have saw you around there
What exactly wanna say?
Anyway is anyone interesting to help me?
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