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ok so i need help on these questions pls.

some book questions. i looked over the book already but i couldnt find the answer pls help.

1.) when the increment or decrement operator is placed after the operand, the operator is being used in ___________ mode.

2.)The ________ loop is ideal for situations that require a counter.
Why don't you tell me what you think they are?
well these what i think

1.) postfix mode

2.)while loop

im not sure tho. pls help
1) Correct.

2) Not so sure.

The second question is a little vague, I guess, but I'd be inclined to say that it's a for loop. A for loop has a counter and runs for a number of iterations (unless it's broken out of). A while loop would be better for situations that require the loop to cease when a condition is met (though you can easily implement a counter for them too).

In essence, both loops can be used for situations that require a counter.
#2 is the for loop
ok. thank you very much ihutch105 and robert ^^
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