Extended C++ learning

Hello. I have a basic knowledge of C++ but their are still gaps in my knowledge, especially when it comes to object oriented design. I can write simplistic programs without any help and within a few hours. I have a solid understanding of basic programming concepts and I am quite good at spotting more efficient methods for solving problems. I think to advance my programming abilities, I need to learn some more advanced C++ concepts, and brush up on syntax and pointers (as I often find myself causing access violations). Does anybody know of an online guide (or book which has been published online) which can teach me some more advanced C++ concepts which I can jump straight into from my current level of knowledge?

Do you want WINAPI, then this might help(but it is C not C++):
I have no interest in WinAPI, I am more of a Linux man myself... I’m looking for something to do with the C++ language not a particular library.
You could have a look into this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Object-oriented-Programming-C-Robert-Lafore/dp/0672323087/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348696710&sr=8-1

but it's pretty tough to get into. There are plenty of other good books, but not so many online for free.
Im looking for an online guide that I don’t have to order. While I need to improve my knowledge object oriented design, I need something more general to the whole of the C++ language.
I Really Like to just type exactly what I want on google and get it i.e. search Object oriented programming with c++ pdf and then get http://iris.nyit.edu/~ffischma/oo_c++_1.pdf
I do believe that is the book the georgep posted, but in pdf format. Many thanks Stono.
It certainly is.

Bugger, I really wasted a lot of money :(
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