I am tearing my hair out over SDL installation

I am so frustrated. I have seriously been trying to install sdl onto xcode for over a week. I thought I did it, and ordered a 30 dollar book to learn more, but nope. SDl is not working now. Please tell me how to install sdl onto xcode. Lazyfoo's tutorial does not work. Please. I do not want to have wasted that on a book since I cant even get SDL to work. Please help me. I will praise the person who can solve this for me. Thank you for all replies.
bump only because I want to start today :o.
I have read the other thread about your problems with SDL. So does including #include "SDL/SDL.h" , without actually using any SDL in the problem, give errors?

EDIT: In another thread it sounded like you had SDL installed. If you did get a window showing (not the terminal window) then you had SDL installed.
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hi peter. I did have it working, but then it just stopped for no reason... Idk why and I repeated all steps and doesnt work. The error I am getting is that when I add the sdlmain.m file to my project, Tutorials say to change it to say #include "SDL/SDL.h" and I do, and it shows an error on the code for sdlmain.m, not on main.cpp. So maybe Im doing something wrong there..?
Also, it says #include nested too deeply.. Lolwut?
So when you compile main.cpp you get an error in sdlmain.m?
yes. the errors are coming from sdlmain.m
I know this because before I even try to write sdl code, it shows errors in sdlmain.m either saying SDL/SDl.h file not found, or saying that there is an expected unidentified declarator. Peter, If you help me, I will love you forever. It has been over a week and I still cant install sdl onto xcode I am about to give up

edit: I have figured it out. It was a searchpath error. I extend my thanks to you peter. It was a weird error. May the sun shine on you all day, peter! :)
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I am having exactly the same problems on Windows with Code::Blocks and VS 11. Maybe there should come an elaborate explanation on how to install SDL and extensions for ALL platforms, ALL SDL extensions and ALL IDE's in the Articles section, or in a sticky thread.
Have you tried following the instructions on lazyfoo? They have instructions for many different platforms and IDEs. http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/lesson01/

Only thing I don't like with it is that it doesn't show how to set up SDL so that you can include it by doing #include "SDL.h" (which is the recommended way).
Have you tried following the instructions on lazyfoo?
Oh yes, a lot of times. Installing the standard SDL library works, when I follow that instructions, but now I want to install SDL_image, SDL_ttf and SDL_mixer, and that doesn't seem to work. I'll try again... :)
Did you followed the tutorial about setting up extension libraries? http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/lesson03/windows/index.php
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