show all printed data on console

How can we see all printed data on console ?
by scrolling some of printed data we can see but not all.
I wanna see all printed data . . Could any one guide how to resolve it, thanks
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Hy , what do you meant by that ?
I did not get you .
Could you tell me via a small program thanks
(Did you follow my link?)

It's not a program, it's how you should run your program from the command line.

First: (on Windows) open cmd.exe

Next: Type:
path\program.exe >out.txt
(replacing "path\program.exe" with your executable's name, including its path)

Last: open the newly created file out.txt

This will redirect your standard output to the file out.txt, i.e. you won't lose you output when the screen buffer runs out of space.
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ahh i see . ok ok . i got it .
Hy @Mathhead200, the way you told .. i did .. but it gave me msg on console that "the directory name is invalid" . but out.txt is created in my Program Debug folder . but when i open out.txt .. it dd not show me any text .
I expected my console data in out.txt ./ but out.txt is empty .
Could you please tell me again . thanks
"path\program.exe" >out.txt
(I suspect your path has spaces in it, otherwise just check your spelling.)
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