linked list and matching function parameters

I'm trying to write a function that adds an entry to the beginning of a linked list. I've actually pretty much copied the function exactly like it is from the book, but whenever I try to pass values it says none of the overloaded functions match the argument list. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. I posted what I thought would be enough of the relevant code since it was rather long. I can post it all if needed.

The error is from the function under the Records.cpp that tries to pass the 2 pointers to the list_head_insert function listed under the Course.h file. I have no idea why the types don't match.

Here is the paste of all the code that I thought was relevant:

It's a program to keep up with student records. It's going to have a records class to do the various manipulations with the records. Each records class will have a linked list of students. Each student object has a linked list of what classes they take.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated. I usually do pretty well with my programs, but I seem to be struggling with this one I think.

Thanks for the help.
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