how to make a 2d game

I don't know anything about C++ and want to make a 2D game. Is there any books about how to make games in C++? I'm stupid too :)
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If you don't know neither C++, nor how to develop a game, you aren't going to get very far. Do you know any other languages? Also, I'm not going to recommend a book, since ~90% of them require prior knowledge in a language.

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Perhaps this could be a place to start?

I believe that C++ is not be the easiest language to start out with, but if you have a strong motivation, go for it. If you are like me when I was a teenager (20 years ago) I was more set on creating games than studying. I actually started programming in AMOS Basic on the Amiga 500. It was designed with easy game building in mind, providing such features as scrolling the screen or playing a sampled sound with one or two lines of code. It still required some work of course, but it was more playful and fun in a way. Perhaps there is something similiar out there today.

For me, my current focus is to learn C++ thoroughly before venturing into graphical applications.
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