Begginer) Is DEV-C++ question

Is it the best program to start learning programming/compiling in. Or should I upgrade to some other (unknown to me) program?

Please let me know ASAP... I am gonna jump into this tonight and am a fast learner...

Also another question.. is it possible to message somebody on this forum somehow?

I prefer Code::Blocks 10.05 with MinGW.

2nd Quest::Yes! click the User and select Send Private Message aka PM at the left pane.

Thanks. Ready to help!!!
Its probably (one of) the worst programs. It comes packaged with a super outdated compiler, is full of bugs and is no longer actively developed. Try Code::Blocks instead. Or wxDev-C++ if you really love Dev-C++.
I use and like Eclipse with MinGW
Seems code::blocks is the way to go ... if DevC++ is no longer supported i would most likely pass on the program. Glad to receive some great advice thanks everyone!
Is none using microsoft visual studio? :>
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