I want to move up now so i want be able to make my own hacking tools.
Where should go?(win32?)
Do you have any good tutorial?
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I might be wrong here, but isn't hacking all about modifying the contents of memory, thereby exploiting the security holes of the software. In addition, internet hacking is about packet analysing, where one can interpret the content of the packet, and use that information for whatever reason.

So, which part of hacking are you looking into? Don't get me wrong, hacking isn't all that bad, since the majority of the computing history is credited to hackers.

Depending on the sort of data you're trying to hack, there's a few requirements:

- Learn how you can test for the CPU's endian-ness. Hacking a little-endian system from a big-endian system is going to fail unless you know about endian-ness.

- Learn the common security flaws of software. Every programmer makes mistakes. Sometimes, programmers make undetectable mistakes that tear a security hole in the program, leaving it prone to attack.

- Learn how to sneak around the OS. The OS isn't going to let you roam around the system's memory unless it's a block of memory that you own. By-passing the OS's security systems can be easy, but that depends on the approach you take.

I might be wrong on a few points, but then again, I'm not a hacker.

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I think you can learn MFC,it can help you to write a window program.If you want to learn something difficute,you can learn win32.But,learn API is a only way,wither you learn MFC or WIN32.What's more,hacking tools is not good.It's run afoul of the law.

Do you have a Skype so I can contact you directly when I have a question?
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I don't have Skype, I'm afraid. Though, I don't see what's wrong the the PM service on this site.

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