EXAMPLE: C++ Forms: Making openFileDialog & menuStrip work

Very simple:

1.Install Visual Studio 20XX
2.Select "C++" as the default
3.New > Form then name the project
4.Add stuff (menuStrip1, [file, edit, help] button1 & textbox1) by dragging into Form


"After successfully compiling code I want to be able to click on FILE > OPEN & the Open File Dialog box pops up, awaiting for me to select a file"


You goto msdn. THEY DON'T TELL YOU WHAT GOES WHERE, just shows you the code..
'thenewguy' got his answer, but not from you guys & there aren't ANY tutes available currently regarding code injection of this sort; just code!

For EX someone may respond: "You place 'openFileDialog();' after #pragma for such and such reason then load... under public: and..." ~much help than a tinyurl-of-where-you-already-searched_com

...after all, this IS Beginners, right?
what code goes where for this to work?
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