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Hi, I just finished the beginning course of my c++ class in college and now i want to get into game programming, the thing is, I dont know where to begin. I am interested in AI programming. So what should i learn next? how do i get started in game programming? Be very specific and detailed so i can follow. Books, websites, online classes, etc, would be helpful. Thank you in advanced, I can't wait to read your input.
If you're looking for a future and are willing to learn some stuff that might not be to helpful(but teaches you what goes behind the graphics) I would go with Win32 and OpenGL. If you're looking at it as just a small hobby SFML/Allegro and OpenGL/DirectX would be your best bet.

EDIT: take a look at this book list http://www.tnbforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=24135
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I can recommend you gamedev.net as website. The name is pretty self explanatory
stackoverflow.com is also a very good site for general programming help

As I am a beginner too I can't give too much help, but if you just finished the beginning course it'll be a looong and harsh way to AI programming :)
To begin getting into game programming I'd suggest choosing a 2D graphic library and create a clone of some old game, like tetris or space invaders. Simple shoot 'em up are not that hard to make

About libraries, you can try out SDL or SFML
- written in C
- good tutorial on how to work with it on lazyfoo.net
- its core library isn't very functional. You'll need additional SDL libraries to work with .jpg, .png, play audio and other stuff
- written in C++
- I can't recommend a good tutorial for it. The official tutorial doesn't cover much IMO
- its library has much of the stuff that SDL has in other libraries (e.g. jpg support)

If you really want to focus on AI development only, then I can't help you. Good luck.
Private message me and I will throw you some book pdf's if interested lmk.
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