Besides c++ and the api of my choice, what else should an up and coming game programmer be studying?

I am studying c++ and SDL but is there anything else I should be learning as a game programmer? All I ever read when coming into game programming was to study a programming language and an API until I eventually get over the "steep curve" that everyone talks about. Thanks.
Trigonometry and calculus.
Thanks. Will have to blow the dust off my old trig book!
I would learn OpenGL or DirectX too...
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i suggest you learn Networking as now and suggested gaming future will be more in multiplayer gaming as since birth of the world wide web and internet (WWW.) gaming culture rocketed high as coders coded multiplayer games for 1000's if not millions to play to gather. The multiplayer is very key part in the sales of any game example is if the Multiplayer of Call of duty or Modern Warfare was completely taken out not many gamer's across the globe would want to buy it the reason is because of the Single Player as the game is finished the Client(Gamer) would want to play more of the game without playing the same old game again and again they want challenges. This is why the Networking is very crucial stages of any game developers as there are very few known games without Multiplayer. The gaming is very good industry to work and full of money but to go into the industry you need to have skill for this learn the most topics used in games which is very important (to know this look what features there are in The main menu GUI to see what most people go on to play let it be Single player or Multiplayer or even challenges and stuff in game menu ) like networking i am being rude to any of the coders here but not many people tend to know Networking. The other advantage of learning Networking is to be able to get job's offers from security companies. Networking is what we use for the internet and website servers most website use networking if not all so my best guess or suggestion is for you to learn networking. If this is not enough detail *cough* which is quite a lot *cough* you can feel free to PM me for extra detail. Any way i am going to end this some where which is going to be here so anyway good luck !

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@ Owain,

Thanks. I definitely have OpneGL on my list as I hear that is THE way to go in the 3d world of gaming.

@ Cyberwarfare,

I read a couple of articles on the history of networking and it's pretty interesting how it evolved to what it is now {COD}. Could you reference a link or two to some good game networking sites? Any info is much appreciated!
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