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I am at a point that I have no idea what to do. See my code below. The program will not open my mail.dat file that I am supposed to use to get the output of just the email address's on it that outputs to another file "address.dat" I think my code is right but I get nothing, any advice, thanks

// This programs outputs email address's that have the "@" symbol in them

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main()

ifstream inData;
string tempString;
ofstream outData;

// Open Data Files"mail.dat");"adresses.dat");
// Press enter to get the output to an external file
cout << "Please press enter for email address's" << endl;

// Test if file is there
if (!inData)
cout << "If mail.dat can not be found program will close" << endl;
return 1;


inData >> tempString;
if(tempString.find('@') != string::npos);

// Output Results
outData << "Email addresses:" << endl;

// Close Files

return 0;
if you do this:"mail.dat");

you're trying to open that file from the current path. So you need to know where the current path is. Usually somwhere near the .exe (if it's windows)
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