Should I start learning C++?

I want to start programming wishing to be a game programmer.
I asked, I searched and everyone said"if you want to be a game programmer, well , C++ is the best!
First, I wanted to ask you is it right? I mean is it best for game programming.
Second, I read the "History of C++" (In this site) and I read the last time C++ was changed was 2011 by ISO and I have "Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate". Is it out of date? Should I get a newer version? If the language didn't change a lot, is it better I start learning wuth 2010 version and after I finished learning, I get the latest version?
Third, Is it any difference between C++ and Visual C++. I mean are the codes I enter in Visual C++ different with the codes a person enters in C++ (the original software). This queston was answered in the FAQ, but I want a straight "YES" or "NO" ansere.
Thank you!
And I know my questions were A LITTLE repetitive, by the way, sorry.
And sorry if my English is awful. (Not a native English/American)
C++ is the industry standard for game development so yes C++ is the way to go. It is best for large scale applications like games and programs. You will need to use a graphics library Like Allegro, or an API like Windows API for windows, graphics, music etc, since you cannot do those things with just regular C++. C# is also good, but you need XNA to develope games. If i were you i would use code::blocks I use it and I love it, its an awesome compiler/IDE. Im not sure if visual C++ is different from regular C++ or not though.
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Should you learn C++? YES
Is C++ best for game programming? (Arguably) Yes.

You can safely start learning using VS 2010 Ultimate, though you will benefit from the things introduced in the C++11 standard.
You can use VS 2012 Express for compiling (most of the) C++11 standard features, which is free for download. Open source compilers such as clang (version 3.1 and later), GCC (version 4.7.1 later) fully support C++11 if you don't need to stick to Windows and VS.

If you use VS for C++ learning/coding, stick to the standard features of C++. As long as you don't use extensions my Microsoft and Windows APIs the code should compile with other compilers, on most of platforms. (sorry YES/NO answer not possible here)

Hope this helps.
Actually I don't know what are "Allegro", "code::blocks" "IDE" and I don't know much from "API" and "XNA".
Can you explain them to me please? (I don't want a complete info, just a little just to know what are they)
Thank you again!
Allegro is a graphics library for C++ it is specifically made to make games with. Code blocks is a compiler used for writing and compiling your C++ code, IDE stands for Integrated Development Enviornment, API stands for Application Programming Interface, and XNA is a library for C# that is used to make games with kind of like Allegro.
Allegro: Open source library for games development in C++
API: Application Programming Interface, a library for developing applications for operating system. For windows it should be shipped already with Visual Studio.
XNA: A library/tool set from Microsoft to help develop games using C#
code::blocks is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Visual Studio, that you use, is another example if an IDE
Hi again guys, I have another question, but I didn't create a new topic!
I was wondering is it something stupid to learn both C & C++?
Aren't they ALMOST same? I mean is there a reason that may tell me you can learn them both?
BECAUSE I love C++ and our teacher (In university) says I'll teach you C and I will give the exams and your marks based on your C Skill.
Now I want to know is it good to learn them both? Or should I go to speak with my teacher about my problem?
Thank you again and sorry if my English is awful!
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