How to run a program in another PC

How can I run my C++ program in my friend's PC without make him compile it?
Compile it and send him the exe file.
And where do I find the exe file? I'm using devC++
I think I see your problem. You're using Dev-C++... seriously, why does anyone still use this? It hasn't been updated since like 2007... not to mention it's a weak IDE to begin with. Get Visual Studio Express or Code::Blocks.
Ok thanks... What about Xcode? My father's got a Macintosh and I heard it's quite good...
Dev-C++... Mac... you're already ruined.
Orwell Dev C++ was updated this year.
It's still a turd... and should not be used for any reason. Especially when far superior IDEs and compilers exist out there. I would sooner use g++ and eMacs than Dev-C++.
Normally the exe will be in a debug folder
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