What is stringstream and why should i use it

Ok so i have been reading up on stringstream and from what i gathered its basically like fstream except it doesnt output the contents to a file, correct? what else do i need to know about it? i looked it up on this site and it didnt help me much, and i found something on dream in code that helped but what else do i need to know, and why should i use stringstream?
It's commonly used to convert numbers to strings or vise versa. You could insert integers into a stringstream and then parse them out as chars or as a string for example.
Stringstream could be very useful with input validations. I found out about this on this site. Do a search on this site.
I did look it up on this site and i didnt find it helpful. But looked it up on another site and found a very good explanation of it but im still confused a bit.
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