I need help with a program. I'm working with structures and functions... my 2 favorite things.. NOT anyways. I need to create a structure for area:
struct english_area //english structure
int feet; // int for feet 
int inches; // int for inches 

}inches, feet;

so I'm taking/making 2 structures passed by value? im not sure how to multiply them. From what I can comprehend It will be with a function right? would it be like this:

void print_english (feet);

Im not sure on the multiply part, to get the area. how do I return a a new english structure to represent the product.

I'm lost on the print aspect; is it similar to the multiply? am i passing by reference right? how do i get it in standard ' for feet and " for inches

And I'm lost on the read part of it, does it have to be passed by value, pointer or reference? I should prompt the user for input so I would use cout and store it to a data type right? also is it called void?

thanks for the help
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