Adding libraries

Hello everyone!

I've used this site for years, but I only now registered.

The problem:
I want to be able to filestream with excel sheets, but I just can't get the xlsstream library right.

I'm using Dev-C++

I've searched for weeks (also from this site) but got no info which would have solved my problem.

I tried putting xlsstream.dll to multiple folders in the Dev-C++ install folder, and even in the System32 folder of windows.
I've put xlscall-, xlserr- and xlsstream C header files to the folder include where's many other files of the same type.

I've also tried using the Dev-C++ own "library installation" program, but it didn't get the library work either.

I just can't figure out which file goes where, and I just get an error "xlsstream: No such file or directory. " when I try to #include <xlsstream.h> in the beginning of my program.

I hope someone is able to help me.

Thanks in advance!
Stick xlsstream.h in the same directory as your source files and #include "xlsstream.h" . The <> makes the compiler look in the compiler's header directory, not the project's.

Otherwise, If you've been on here for a while, then you'll know that any-time someone comes to us with a problem and says "Dev-C++", that's usually their problem. If it still doesn't work then get a modern compiler that complies with a C++ standard.
Thank you!!

That works perfectly.
I'll mark this as solved.

Thank you again.
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